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28 February 2021


Four vehicles piled up on top of the R49 bridge in Ottoshoop midway between Zeerust and Mafikeng on Saturday (27/02/2021) evening at about 20:10.

The driver of a small sedan driving from Mafikeng towards Zeerust said he saw a man sprawled on the road. And in avoiding to run over him, he screeched to a halt and this led to a puncture. He then lost control of the vehicle which had straddled the barrier lane.

It was at that moment that the oncoming car from Zeerust direction found him on top of a bridge and hit his car on the side. In quick succession, two vehicles also driving towards Mafikeng following each other collided with the first and second vehicles from the rear leading to pileup crash on top of the bridge.

A swift response by law enforcement avoided further collisions as traffic was flowing on both side of the road. There was a delay and motorists were redirected via the small Ottoshoop town.

The person who was found slumped on the road was taken to Mahikeng Provincial Hospital. Police are investigating the curious case and thankfully no one was injured in the traffic melee.


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MEC Sello Lehari

HOD Ms Botlhale Mofokeng

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