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29 July 2019

Lehari Dedicates R1.7 million of his Allocated Budgeted For Road Rangers

In an effort to continuously reduce road crashes involving stray animals, the North West Department of Community Safety and Transport Management has set aside a budget of R1.7 million to implement the Road Safety Rangers Programme in the 2019/20 financial year.

During his budget speech presentation, the Departmental MEC Sello Lehari announced that seventy (70) Road Safety Rangers have been contracted by the Department to patrol identified hotspots and hazardous roads across the Province including Mahikeng, JB Marks, Greater Taung, Matlosana and Moses Kotane Municipalities.

“We have attempted to reduce a number of road crashes involving stray animals and, in the same breadth create employment within identified communities” Lehari said.

Lehari further indicated that the Department will strengthen relations with all stakeholders to ensure sustainability of the project and further increase the number of contracted Road Safety Rangers to about 120 in order to ensure that more hazardous routes are patrolled and road crashes involving stray animals are reduced.

“We will continue to create a safe and secure environment for all the people in the Province, we must ensure that we prevent and combat crime that may threaten the safety and security of our communities, and promote road safety on our roads” Lehari concluded.

A notable reduction of road crashes involving stray animals has been recorded since the introduction of Road Safety Rangers

"Let me acknowledge and express words of gratitude to PI Ditibane who is here with us in the gallery as I speak. I believe that Officer Ditibane truly deserves to be congratulated and rewarded for providing the best public service and support well beyond expectations. He truly epitomises what is good about this country especially in this day and age when Public Service is under so much scrutiny". Concluded MEC Lehari in concurrence to Mr. Raymond Ramokoka's congratulatory statement.


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