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23 June 2017

Partnership to fight crime in Bokone Bophirima gains momentum through the Premier's 10 by 10 campaigns

The implementation of 10 by 10 campaigns continues to strengthen the partnership on the fight against crime in the Bokone Bophirima Province.

This became evident during the recent the programme at the Dr Kenneth Kaunda District where the Department of Community Safety and Transport Management lined-up activities to ensure multi-stakeholder participation. The programme is intended to become a vehicle through which the state closes a social distance and communication gaps between government, Non Government Organisations (NGO’s), Non Profit Organisations (NPO’s), and the communities at large.
In one of the activities, the Department held a meeting at the Ventersdorp Police Station with NGO’s, NPO’s and Community Policing Forums (CPF’s), to discuss ways of working together in an integrated manner to fight crime including funding models available in the security sectors, specifically dedicated to efforts geared towards the drastic reduction of crime in general.
“Expressing his sentiments about the attendance of stakeholders in all activities that were scheduled, the Departmental MEC, Dr Mpho Motlhabane said it is exciting to see communities coming forth to work with the government wilfully in fighting the scourge of crime.

“What excites us more is that we are starting to see even more men coming forth to fight domestic violence and all elements of crime within our communities.

Men are mostly perpetrators, now having more men coming forth with registered structures and being prepared to stand up against this scourge to us as the Provincial Government we are satisfied that we indeed are moving in the right direction. This is a positive sign that we will win this fight against crime,” said Motlhabane.

Meanwhile, the department has started its implementation of community safety patrollers’ programme which was officially announced by MEC during his 2017/18 Budget Vote at the Provincial Legislature at the beginning of the financial year.

In his speech, Motlhabane outlined that the Department will recruit about 400 community patrollers in the four districts of the province.

He appealed to the communities to avail themselves to be the first to respond to any criminal activity in their residential areas.

“We need crime prevention activists in every town and village of the Province in order to win the battle against crime. These crimes, we must admit, take place on our door steps and we, the communities, know the people who commit them. So if all of us become first to respond to an crime alert, we will definitely win the fight against crime,” said Motlhabane.

To date the Department has already signed contracts with patrollers in different local municipalities where the department will recruit at least 100 patrollers per district. The engagements and consultations are continuing in other communities through this 10 by 10 campaigns in order to finalise the first implementation stage of signing contracts.

The department is currently finalising its plan for the Dr Ruth Segomotsi Mompati District Municipality, whose Campaigns, will be implemented from the 10th to 20th July in 2017.


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