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19 June 2018
Instilling a Culture of Safe traffic Participation in learners

Learners from different schools across the Province will be deliberating on methods of road safety improvement, these deliberations will take place in three categories namely Urban, rural and disability.

The debate on safety measures to protect lives of road users is set to be the order of the day with the aim of educating and instilling a culture of safe traffic participation to address the underlying problems of road safety.

The Department of Community Safety and Transport Management in partnership with the Road Traffic Management Cooperation (RTMC) and the Department of Education and Sport Development continues to conduct the Road Safety Schools Debate.

This Debate project is one of the flagships implemented annually by the Provinces and National Department of Transport, targeting learners from high schools. The project starts at the District level as a build up to the Provincial and National levels where learners participate in elimination rounds which culminate into finals where winners will be acknowledged.

Members of the media are therefore invited to cover this year’s Provincial Road Safety Schools Debate which will be held as follows:

Date : Friday, 22 June 2018

Venue : Taung Task

Time : 09H30

For more information and confirmation of attendance contact Rebaone Moeng on 078 456 6351 or


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HOD Ms Botlhale Mofokeng

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