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05 June 2018

The operation enters its third phase since it's launch in Mahikeng, late in 2017, followed by another successful one in Huhudi in May 2018.

The MEC for the Department of Community Safety and Transport Management Dr Mpho Motlhabane together with the law enforcement officers woke up on the break of dawn on the 1st June 2018 to tackle this phenomenon of illegal hiking spots and illegal taxi's operation head-on on the N12 Wolmaranstad, along R504 Ottosdal, R503 Lichtenburg and N18 Mahikeng.

These operations are intended to ensure that those who are taking part in the transport industry do abide by the laws of the country at all cost. Those who are operating public transport are all expected to have made the necessary applications, registered their vehicles accordingly, have recieved relevant permits and operating public transport legally and lawfully. This process is not negotiable.

Those commuter using public transport were urged to refrain from hitch hiking and using pirates vehicles. They were encouraged to avoid going to illegal hiking spots. They were warned about the danger of using illegal tax I'd and hiking.

During the operations; 26 taxis, Toyota Avanza, Hyundai H1, Toyota Condo and Toyota Noah were impounded, 1 arrest for drunken driving, and 1 arrest for a fraudulent permit to operate scholar transport and fines were issued out to motorist for operating without required permits.

The MEC Dr Mpho Motlhabane also used an opportunity to visit the taxi ranks to engage with the Executive Leadership of the respective Taxi Associations were the members and leadership of the associiations raised concerns and complains which included illegal public taxi operations, illegal hiking spots, illegal permits, drivers who are operating without licenses and potential conflicts as well as simmering tensions in the industry.
MEC Motlhabane was very pleased with the outcome of the operation; "hiking spots are a sore sight, a source of tensions and a cause for concern. The public needs to corporate and work together with taxi operators in order to minimise conflict and save lives. It's only safe to use official taxi ranks and legal taxi operators, not pirates taxis. Communities must desist from using illegal taxi operators and avoid hiking spots at all cost”.

Motlhabane also said these operations will continue in each and every district, where the taxi industry in the province will also be engaged. “From here we are going to Bojanala District as we have already covered the other 3 districts. We will not hesitate to enforce the law, we will close down all illegal illegal taxi ranks, we will be tough to pirates, ” he concluded.

Jaws unit, SAPS, taxi associations and departmental officials indeed had a successful and eventful dawn to sunset operations. The operations started at dawn break at Wolmarnstadt nd ended at dusk at Montshioa Stadt, Mahikeng.


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