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01 April 2020


The North West MEC for the Department of Community Safety and Transport Management, Sello Lehari reminds public transport operators that Minister of Transport has only relaxed operating times on within the set restrictions of lockdown guidelines.

MEC said operators must therefore continue adhering to all regulations. The relaxation is to accommodate social grant recipients .

“The Minister has only relaxed restriction guidelines to start from 05H: 00 to 20H: 00 to enable our people to go and receive their social grants. This is from Monday, 30 March 2020 and will only last until Friday, 03 April 2020. Please operators, adhere to these times,” pleased MEC Lehari.

“From there operators will only transport essential services workers from 05H00 to 09H00 and 16H00 – 20H00."

MEC Lehari further implored on operators to adhere to all other lockdown regulations and gave a strong warning to those who disregard the lockdown regulations.

“We must remember that public transport has actually been shutdown. However provision is given to transport for essential service workers. It is therefore important that all operators must obey and follow the regulations. We shall not hesitate to act against all those ignoring these guidelines. Steps to be taken include arrest and impounding vehicles as we already have done in other areas," warns Lehari

MEC Lehari also reminds operators to follow strict measures as announced by the Minister. These measures include loading only up to 50% of the vehicle legal loading capacity. This is ensure adherence of social distancing of passengers.


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